Ainsworth have 50 years experience in conversion and manufacturing and offer a bespoke, customer driven service.Our design & fabrication team are trained to the highest standard, using hi-tech machinery.Ainsworth offer a full 'concept to product' service and are able to assit your project specification and design requirements. Using only high quality insulation materials in our manufacturing and conversion process, the finished Ainsworth product is always of the best quality.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of regularly fabricated products:

  • Mineral fibre (glass & rock), phenolic, PIR or melafoam
  • Cut and shaped
  • Fully covered in aluminium foil, glass cloth, canvass cloth, white glass tissue, venture, PIB, 'Theatre Black' finish or isogenopak
  • Specialist noise damping and acoustic fabrication available



  • PIR laminate to plasterboard
  • PIR with PVC facing
  • Sonic liner - Mineral fibre roll with specialist glass cloth face (200gsm)
  • Barrier roll - Mineral Fibre roll with incorporated 5kg - 10kg barrier mat (with or without aluminium foil)
  • Lamella rolls - 45kg - 100kg density available / Made to measure



Ainsworth's expert sales team are happy to provide any advice and support on a full range of insulation products and ancillaries. This includes:

- Technical Insulation

- Acoustic Insulation
- Structural Insulation
- Fire Insulation

- Render / EWI

We work in partnership with the leading manufacturers  and pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise.



Mineral Fibre Slabs


  • Barafire / Pyrosorb - 5kg & 10kg
  • Made to measure
  • Plain / Self-adhesive / Foil faced

Insulation Jackets


Pipe Insulation


Ainsworth Acoustic & Insulation have been providing acoustic and soundproofing services for over 30 years. We deliver a full service offering including:

- Assessment

- Advice
- Materials
- Installation‚Äč

Ainsworth are experienced in reducing all forms of noise pollution such as:

Domestic - neighbour / musical / internal / external
Industrial - machinery / plant / retail /  recreation
Transportation - traffic / railway / aviation / marine

  • Converted to any required density and thickness
  • Cut and shaped / Trapezoidal-plain / Returned and enclosed
  • Fully finished or covered (one or both sides) in aluminium foil, glass cloth, canvass cloth, white glass tissue, black lanator, venture, PIB etc
  • Bespoke / Made to measure
  • Standard items include: Fan Jackets, Heater Jackets, Butterfly Value Jackets, Exhaust Jackets, Air Outlet Jackets, EPV Heater Jackets, Heater Pipe Jackets



24 Hour Delivery Available

We can provide same or next day delivery on stocked items when requested. We only offer the most efficient and cost-effective deliveries on our own fleet of vans or via a third party courier.

While our standard operating hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday - Friday), we are capable of arranging early, late or Saturday collections/deliveries on request.

Ainsworth appreciate that on-time deliveries are of paramount importance to our customers businesses. We therefore strive to ensure all deliveries are punctual, at the right location and 'right the first time'.


Flooring Units

Mineral Fibre Pads


Lamella / Mineral Fibre Roll

  • Mineral fibre (rock or glass) fully enclosed in a polyethylene 'pouch'
  • Standard sizes - 1200mm x 600mm , 600mm x 600mm
  • Standard thickness - 100mm - 270mm
  • Bespoke sizes / thicknesses available

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  • Self-adhesive sheets
  • Made to measure
  • Lamella floor unit - 140kg slab (25mm) /  2400mm x 600mm x 18mm
  • Extruded Polystyrene & Chipboard Flooring Units
  • Acoustifloor

Acoustic Barrier Mat